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Body Management

Total Body Wellness Kit

Hectic times demand smart and healthy measures, that's why we created the Total Body Wellness Kit!

- Reach the peak of your energy level without losing momentum.

- Support your body in your weight management journey

- Get clarity, focus and top cognitive performance

- Strengthen your immune system

All curated into one single convenient pack that can easily be incorporated into your daily lifestyle!

The Total body Wellness Kit contains:

1 OGX FENIX™ Shake

1 box of King of Coffee

1 box of CXT™ Energy + Focus Drink

1 bottle of Spore Powder

Item# 1160US - Total Body Wellness Kit ( Vanilla)
Total Body Wellness Kit ( Vanilla)
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Item# 1162US - Total Body Wellness Kit (Chocolate)
Total Body Wellness Kit (Chocolate)
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